The company undertakes to comply with the requirement under SMS (Safety Management System) sufficiently controlled to protect personnel, property and the environment for all identified risk and hazard that can be reasonably expected.
The company will provide services with quality and maintain consistency with SMS at Clients’ desire in Marine and Diving Services Industry. We will ensure to meet all compliance with Domestic and International regulatory system and standards.


  1. Health, Safety & Environmental-Protection Policy
  2. Quality Policy
  3. Drug and Alcohol Policy


We believe and insist that no job is above the best interests of “Health & Safety” and ensure due consideration to the environment and our personnel offshore and onshore.
Our safety objective will be to provide with sufficient resources, trained and experienced personnel, approved equipment / machinery and operating procedures, which meet the highest industry standards and are in compliance with current local and international rules and regulations.


We have a zero tolerance Policy towards DRUG, WEAPONS & ALCOHOL abuse on any of our related OFF SHORE / ON SHORE site Projects or even off it. Any of our personnel found in passion of any of these substances will be handed over to the proper authority and will result in immediate punishment regardless of position and portfolio.